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To reduce morbidity and mortality due to Trauma and Orthopaedic problems through provision of qualitative care, research and training of relevant health personnel.

Year Strategic Plan

A Strategic Planning Workshop was organized by the Federal Ministry of Health in conjunction with the World Bank between 30th and 31st May, 2006 at Rockview Hotel, Abuja. During the workshop led by the Honourable Minister of Health, the Minister made an apt description of the present state of affairs of the nation’s Health sector. The challenges confronting this sector were identified by the Honourable Minister of Health as follows:

(i) How to strengthen the national health system to be able to deliver effective, efficient affordable accessible and qualitative health services that would improve the health status of Nigerians and thereby help to break the vicious circle of poor health,poverty and underdevelopment in Nigeria.

(ii) How Federal Tertiary Health Institutions should be better positioned to achieve their respective visions and missions and to get value for the money spent on them by the Federal Government.

To address these challenges and thereby make significant realization of the Ministry of Health’s mission, the need for strategic planning by managers of the tertiary health institutions at all levels was emphasized. The Public Service Reform Programme of the present regime which seeks to reinvigorate the Public Service to make it efficient and effective further underscores the relevance of application of strategic planning.

In the specific context of this Hospital, a Reform Implementation Committee (RIC) was set up principally to identify areas that need reformative actions and apply same accordingly. This Committee comprises the Board, Management Team, the Unions’ representative and other stakeholders to the Hospital. In the same vein, the Hospital Management constituted a Strategic Planning Committee to complement the RIC and to specifically set strategic objectives and map out strategies of achieving such objectives for the Hospital, thereby propelling the Hospital forwards from its present level of development.

In order to make the Strategic Planning process widely participatory and consultative, the Strategic Planning Committee is composed of all Heads of Department/Unit. This new Management structure has now been entrenched permanently in the Management system of the Hospital.



After the Strategic Planning Workshop organized by the Federal Ministry of Health on 30th -31st May, 2006, I was appointed to head the Strategic Planning Sub-committee that composed of all the Heads of Department.

We were charged to produce a working document for our Hospital’s five year Strategic Plan (2007-2011) as directed by the Honourable Minister of Health. We were also adviced that the preparation should be from bottom up with everybody in the Hospital not only being represented but should participate so as to guarantee ownership and commitment during the implementation of the Strategic Plan.

We commenced our duty from charging the different Heads of Department to start off consultation with all members of staff in the various departments after a presentation to explain to them the expectation by the Management.

Each department produced their Strategic Plan which was collected to form the Hospital’s Strategic Plan. Unfortunately our initial presentation was not so good but I must confess that the Consultant sent to assist us during the Kaduna 6 day retreat didn’t help matters as he derailed us from what were the Minister’s expectation.

We were assigned another Consultant who guided us through this document to this level. I believe with this experience our next Strategic Plan will definitely be better than this.

My sincere gratitude goes to the Board Chairman and all the members of the Board, Top Management Committee members and their staff for their commitment and co-operation during the period of the preparation of this document.

Special thanks to the Medical Director who always create time to go through this submission.


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