On-going Projects in the Hospital

 1.    Provision of three (3) NO. uninterrupted power supply for new GE X-Ray machine, Image Intensifier, and operation of the newly supplied Anthroscope
       2.    Upgrade of trauma specialized surgery involving the purchase of spinal, TKR, THR, general Orthopaedic system and consumables and 3No. plastic surgery
       3.    Supply of Physiotherapy equipments.
       4.    Construction of admin block
       5.    Construction of spine complex
       6.    Construction of plant house, supply and installation of oxygen plant
       7.    Consultancy service for the construction, furnishing and equipping of a store complex
       8.    Renovation and rehabilitation of structures and landscaping: Ward offices, clinical and residential blocks and additional walk ways.
       9.    Internal road network, construction and rehabilitation (phases I & II)
       10. Channelization of a 1.5km stream and construction of culvert
       11. Human capital development
       12. Expansion of NHIS building
       13. Conversion of old board room to resident doctors lodge
       14. Construction of badminton and volley ball court
       15. Consultancy services for the design of accident and emergency
       16. Purchase and installation of 2 tons boiler and construction of boiler house